RAW vs. jpg

March 31, 2006 at 9:03 pm (Pablum)

I am staring at a large fork in my road and it has many tines.

I have a Nikon D70s. I am about as far from a professional as you can get and still take an occasional picture that doesn’t make the average person vomit. I became hooked on the whole NEF concept. Nikon Capture and the whole shebang. Looking back on this, I believe I may have been wasting time and space.


I have taken a lot of pictures in RAW mode and for the longest time I thought this was the mode for me. Especially after buying the $100 Nikon Capture 4 and everything it allowed me to do. Now, 12 Gigs of pictures later, I’m not so sure. For cataloging the NEFs I have to use Nikon’s PictureProject and I don’t like it.

I think I need to realize that all I want to do is take pictures, print pictures, and see them on the computer. Adding the whole RAW thing in there is just throwing an impediment in my way. I think I’m going to start taking jpgs now and convert all my RAWs to jpg and just be done with it.

Easy to say and tougher to do.

I’m in the middle of deleting all my NEF files (Nikon’s RAW format) and saving them as jpgs. I really think this is better in the long run. The size difference is huge too; the jpgs are about 1/4 the size.


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